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mobil mobil dari bambu yang unik

Membaca artikel di bonsaibiker penulis tertarik untuk mencari tahu apakah sudah ada mobil bambu.

Ternyata ada. Bentuknya mulai dari yang sederhana hingga artistik:

Mobil listrik bambu dari vietnam
Bamboo car gives ’green’ rides through Hoi An
Bamboo boost: A bamboo car is developed from a battery-powered cart. The car designer and producer, Vo Tan Tan, spent three months building the electric car into an environmentally-friendly vehicle. Photos courtesy of Vo Tan Tan

Dari Filipina:

Dari Jepang, pakai listrik juga:
Some researchers at the Kyoto University in Japan knew that hardness and light weight are the main ingredients of an eco car. So they have simply used bamboo to develop a single-seat electric car dubbed “BamGoo”. The single-seat car was displayed in Kyoto City, western Japan. The 60-kg electric car can run for 30 miles on a single charge.

Dari Kolombia, mobil jualan, mesin dan ban normal:
Amazing Bamboo Car In Bogota, Columbia : Bamboo Vending Vehicle

Mobil offroad:

The Ajiro Bamboo Bike is Grown From the Ground Up

Nyeni pakai rotan juga:
World’s First Biodegradable Car: Kenneth Cobonpue’s Phoenix Roadster

Becak bambu mewah:
The Meguru: This Japanese car is designed to be a 21st century rickshaw and is made from bamboo and powered by electricity. The Meguru is limited in terms of how far (24 miles) and how fast (24 MPH) it can go, and it's priced at a staggering $10,000. Still, an electric-powered rickshaw made from bamboo is undeniably awesome.

Rinspeed bamboo car:

Mobil gedek:

Mobil bambu bentuk sendal jepit:

Pickup bodi bambu, katanya dari greenschool bali Indonesia:

Mobil van bambu:

Gokar bambu:

Mobil van bambu yang nyeni:

Mobil yang bisa mengambang di air:
Mangubat’s out-of-the-box car can in theory run on both land and water, hence its name which was derived from “bangka” or “boat” and “kawayan” meaning “bamboo”. Mangubat, who teaches history in UP Manila, said the car draws its power from electricity generated by an equipped windmill and solar panels.

Japanese craftsman builds an electric car made entirely from bamboo
a craftsman in Japan has built his own electric vehicle completely from bamboo. Built at a cost of 30-thousand dollars (all of which was sourced through a crowdfunding campaign), the auto rickshaw-style car, if you may, eschews the smooth curves and glossy paint of the modern day electric vehicles for bamboo.

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